Exploring Different Types of Hoists and Their Applications

Hoists play a pivotal role in simplifying the task of lifting, lowering, and moving heavy loads vertically or horizontally with ease and precision, particularly in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

The overwhelming demand for hoists across diverse applications has led manufacturers to develop various types of hoists, each tailored to meet specific needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of hoists available and their respective applications such that they provide valuable insights into choosing the right hoist for your various industrial tasks.

Different Types of Hoists

Hoists utilize distinct lifting media, such as wire rope or chain, to determine their lifting type. Commonly used options include welded link load chains, roller load chains, hydraulic hoists, and rack-and-pinion hoists. In terms of operation, hoists offer versatility with manual, electric, or pneumatic operation types, catering to different requirements in diverse settings.

Their capacities also vary significantly based on the intended application, ranging from modest one hundred-pound loads to massive capacities demanded in mining or headframe operations. To acquire a more comprehensive understanding, let’s proceed to explore the different types of hoists.

Manual Hoists

Manual hoists, commonly known as chain blocks or lever blocks, are practical and hand-operated lifting devices that offer dependable lifting and lowering capabilities. These hoists enable operators to easily raise, or lower goods as needed because they use a hand chain/ lever for control and a load chain/ lever for support. 

These hoists operate on the principle of a pulley, effectively redirecting force to ensure smoother operations. By utilizing multiple pairs of gears of different sizes, manual hoists gain a mechanical advantage, enabling operators to lift heavier loads with ease. This gear system makes it simpler to lift heavy loads by allowing a smaller force applied over a longer distance to generate a greater force.

Our range of widely preferred manual hoists includes:

INDEF P: This manual hoist features a robust design and German Technology, making it suitable for managing heavy-duty applications, even with undefined load symmetry.  It offers reliable performance and durability.

INDEF M: Our medium-duty hoist is engineered for maximum durability and efficiency, with a load-bearing capacity ranging from 1t to 20t, it is versatile and dependable for various lifting tasks.

INDEF C: Our chain pulley blocks from the C series are designed with an indigenous compact design, combining style and practicality. These user-friendly hoists boost productivity and efficiency in light to medium duty lifting operations.

INDEF R: The R Series chain pulley block is a top-notch indigenously developed 360-degree manual hoist. Its triple spur gear mechanism allows for flexibility in hand chain operation from any angle. Ideal for medium-duty applications, it ensures ease of use and high efficiency with its robust build and optimal operating pull.

STIER Ratchet Lever Hoist: Engineered with precision and German technology, this hoist combines durability and efficiency. Its robust design, reinforced frame, and safe automatic brakes ensure superior performance. With capacities ranging from 0.5t to 9t, its lightweight construction allows easy handling and installation changes.

Electric Chain Hoists

One of the most popular types of hoists used in industrial settings is electric chain hoists. They use a chain to lift and lower loads and are powered by an electric motor. Powered by electricity, these hoists reduce reliance on manual labour, ensuring swift and efficient lifting operations. They are frequently used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and construction sites because they are perfect for lifting heavy loads up to several tonnes. Indef presents a range of popular offerings, which include:

EH II Hoist: Popularly known as the Baby Hoist, the EH II is a plug-and-play chain hoist designed for light and medium-duty applications. It boasts impressive durability and requires minimal maintenance, offering a capacity range of 0.5t to 2t. With a maximum lift height of up to 40 meters, it efficiently caters to various lifting requirements.

HC+ Hoist: Indef’s HC+ hoist presents an innovative solution tailored for medium to heavy-duty applications. This low-maintenance and highly efficient machine is built to endure heavy usage during a moderate operation time. Its versatility accommodates load-bearing capacities for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty applications, providing a capacity range from 0.25t to 5t.

CH III Hoist: The CH III also known as Electron is a unique electric chain hoist suitable for heavy, and medium-duty applications. It demonstrates exceptional longevity and resilience, capable of withstanding rigorous usage. Offering a capacity ranging from 2.5t to 10t and a height of lift up to 100 meters, it proves to be an ideal solution for demanding lifting tasks.

CH IV Hoist: Indef’s CH IV, known as the Proton, stands as an exceptional hoist tailored for heavy-duty applications and high-lifting needs. This fully featured hoist is engineered to last for generations while requiring minimal maintenance. With a capacity range from 5t to 30t and a height of lift of up to 100 meters, it serves as a robust and reliable solution for heavy-duty lifting requirements.

Wire Rope Hoists

Specifically designed for robust lifting operations, wire rope hoists utilise a wire rope instead of a chain and are adept at hoisting loads with substantial metric-ton weights. Their wire rope exhibits impressive durability and high tensile potency, rendering these hoists exceptionally appropriate for heavy-duty applications across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. The WRH range of offerings from Indef involves:

iR Series: An optimized modular design, compliant with FEM/ISO standards, ensures low noise and durability. With higher motor ratings, it supports up to 20t capacity and 24 meters height of lift, making it ideal for medium to heavy-duty applications, enhancing factory production capacity.

Indef WRH N Hoists: Compact and robust hoists designed for smooth maintenance work. They offer a capacity range of 1t to 5t and a lift height of up to 110 meters, making them best suited for light to medium-duty applications. 

HW Wire Rope Hoist: With compliance to FEM/ISO standards, lifetime lubricated gearbox, and hardened gears, this low-noise, long-lasting hoist comes with higher motor ratings for low running costs and downtime. With higher motor ratings, it supports up to 40t capacity and 50 meters of lift, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications, effectively enhancing factory productivity.

WRH Series: The Indef WRH series stands out for its exceptional safety, reliability, and smooth operation even in challenging conditions. Designed for medium and heavy-duty applications, these user-friendly hoists accommodate capacities from 1t to 10t and a lift height of up to 20 meters. With low maintenance costs, they are a cost-effective choice for various industrial tasks.

SMD Wire Rope Hoist: Engineered for high speed, the Steel Mill Duty Hoist (SMD) guarantees true vertical lift, ideal for heavy-duty applications. Highly customizable, it offers a safe working load of up to 90t and can lift materials to heights of 175 meters. With its optimized design, these hoists enhance factory production capacity, making them essential for efficient and productive industrial operations.

UR Wire Rope Hoist: Designed to comply with FEM/ISO standards, the UR wire rope hoist offers durability and efficiency. Its low-noise operation, lifetime lubricated gearbox, and hardened gears ensure longevity. With a capacity of up to 40t and 12 meters lift height, it’s ideal for medium-to-heavy-duty applications, reducing downtime and boosting factory productivity.

Hydraulic Hoist

A hydraulic hoist utilizes Pascal’s Law and an oil-based piston mechanism to lift or lower loads. Its compact design allows it to handle heavy weights with a smaller motor compared to traditional lifts. Commonly used in marinas and shipyards, hydraulic hoists efficiently move boats and handle container loading and unloading tasks for ships and trucks, making them indispensable in various industries.

Pneumatic Hoist

Pneumatic hoists, also known as air hoists, rely on air pressure to generate the force required for lifting loads. Operators control the lifting and lowering through a pendant control. They are especially suitable for hazardous environments where electrically powered hoists are not permissible. Additionally, air hoists are favoured for applications demanding precise load control. Industries like automotive, paint booths, and hazardous settings frequently employ these hoists.

Explosion-Proof Hoists

Explosion-proof hoists, as their name implies, are specifically engineered to ensure safe operation in potentially hazardous environments prone to explosions. With strict adherence to rigorous safety standards, these hoists find widespread application in industries dealing with volatile gases, chemicals, or dust, including mining, oil and gas, paint, chemical and pharmaceuticals.

At Bajaj Indef, we also provide flame proof variants of hoists, including chain pulley block, chain electric, and wire rope hoists, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our hoists are designed for both hazardous and non-hazardous environments, incorporating advanced features to guarantee customer satisfaction. We prioritize quick service support to ensure customer delight, offering reliable and technically advanced hoisting solutions.

Applications of Hoists

Hoists, with their diverse types, find extensive applications across various industries, catering to specific needs and challenges. 

  • Electric chain hoists prove indispensable in assembly lines, workshops, and production facilities, where they streamline material handling processes and boost overall efficiency. These hoists are particularly well-suited for indoor use, excelling in applications that demand controlled lifting and precise load positioning.
  • On the other hand, wire rope hoists shine in both indoor and outdoor settings, exhibiting their capability to handle bulky and irregularly shaped loads. This makes them the go-to choice for construction sites and challenging environments. Moreover, the transportation industry benefits from wire rope hoists, as they play vital roles in overhead cranes for loading and unloading cargo at ports and logistics centres.
  • For smaller-scale applications, manual hoists serve as versatile tools in various industries. Their capability to lift and move loads efficiently without relying on a power source makes them perfect for workshops, garages, and maintenance tasks.
  • In hazardous environments where electricity use is not viable, explosion-proof hoists, air hoists, or pneumatic hoists, come to the rescue. These hoists are preferred in industries like petrochemical plants, mining, and offshore operations, where flammable or explosive atmospheres may be present.
  • Hydraulic hoists boast a high lifting capacity, effortlessly handling substantial loads with precision. This makes them indispensable in automotive repair shops, construction sites, and industrial settings, where lifting heavy equipment and machinery is a frequent requirement. 

With each hoist type addressing specific demands, these devices contribute significantly to enhancing efficiency and safety across various industries.


The diverse types of hoists showcased in this exploration play pivotal roles across various industries, revolutionizing material handling processes and elevating efficiency. Each hoist possesses distinct attributes and applications, offering tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s the precision of electric chain hoists or the strength of wire rope hoists, selecting the right hoist can profoundly impact an organization’s productivity and safety standards.

At the forefront of hoist manufacturing, Bajaj Indef stands as a reliable partner, providing expert solutions for all lifting needs. For a comprehensive understanding of hoist models and to harness their true value, our team of experts is readily available at +91 (22) 489-33303 or via email at enquire@indef.com. Together, let’s elevate your lifting operations to new heights and ensure seamless, optimal results.