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C Block

The stylish, compact and easy-to-use C series Chain Pulley Blocks are engineered feats of expertise that are designed to boost your productivity and efficiency.

These indigenously designed Triple Spur Gear CPBs are ideal for heavy-duty application and its robust design adds to the performance. The machines have been testified by CE and ISI Certifications for quality and offer a lot of flexibility with capacities ranging from 1T to 20T and a height of lift up to 40 metres.


  • Offers SWL up to 20T and a Height of Lift up to 40m.
  • A Made in India product.
  • Less Operating Pull.
  • Light weight and sturdy.
  • Availability of genuine spare parts and service.
  • EX/Atex/Spark-proof Design


  • CE and ISI Certified product.
  • Comes with double chain guide rollers.
  • Grade 80 load chain for increased strength and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Self-sustaining, maintenance-free friction brake.
  • Finish cover is coated with anti-corrosion powder.
  • Zinc plated parts.


  • Assured quality and reliability.
  • Longer working life.
  • High operating efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • Safe and easy to use product with minimal maintenance.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 20 Ton
Falls 1 Fall to 8 Falls
Mountings Fix Suspension Hook Suspension Trolley Suspension
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Which Indef CPB model should you choose?

We offer a wide variety of options. Please use our Hoist Advisor feature to get the best recommendations based on your application and usage requirements.

Does the product come with any National or International Certifications?

Yes, it is ISI and CE certified.

What is the warranty period for this product?

We offer 1 year of warranty for this product.

What are the safety features available for this CPB?

The CPB is equipped with a powerful braking mechanism, ratchet pawl and a unique chain stripper which ensure safety. The Ratchet ring has been specially designed for high holding force.

Where can I buy the Indef C Series?

We are present pan-India. You can reach out to our Authorised Business Partners or email us at for more details.

How do I get my machines serviced or find spare parts for the same?

We have multiple Indef Clinics all over the country where teams of Indef Certified Technicians are present to help with any concern.