CPB P Series 2


The durable solution for heavy-duty application.

The triple spur gear chain-pulley block is easy to use and our proven German design is robust enough to last a lifetime. 

With flexibility and customization at the forefront, the Indef P-Block can manage load-bearing capacities from 0.5T to 40T.

Takes the weight off your shoulders, quite literally.


  • Manages heavy duty application with ease, even when load size in undefined
  • High safety factor for the load chain
  • High strength ratchet pawl and contact surface ensures positive locking and low wear & tear
  • Unique guide roller guards the chain passage
  • Can lift up to 40 meters with a capacity up to 40T
  • Load limit option available


  • CE and ISI Certified Product
  • Tested for 50% overload
  • Sturdy German design, proven over 40 years
  • Grade 80 load chain and Zinc plated hand chain
  • Double ball bearing supported load wheel
  • Precision-cut, machine case hardened alloy steel gears
  • Fully pocketed, Spheroidal Graphite cast load chain wheel
  • Anti-corrosive power-coated zinc plated parts


  • Assured quality, safety and reliability
  • Longer chain life allows for smooth, noiseless operation for years to come
  • Unique design makes for superior aesthetics and rust-proof parts
  • Provides ease of use for unskilled labour
  • Can be designed to operate in hazardous areas


  • The Indef P-Block is the perfect partner for erection and commissioning jobs where skilled labour is not easily accessible.
  • It’s unique features also for smooth operation when load capacity and symmetry is unknown.
  • Customization makes this product a good fit for multiple industries.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 40 Ton
Falls 1 Fall to 16 Falls
Mountings Fix Suspension Hook Suspension Trolley Suspension



Which Indef CPB model to choose and why?

Ans: We offer multiple designs and options depending on your usage and application requirements. Our handy hoist advisor feature can recommend the most suitable one for you.

2. Is the Indef P-Block certified as per National and International standards?

Ans: The Indef P-Block is both ISO and CE certified.

3. What is the warranty that is offered on Indef P-Block?

Ans: We provide a 1-year warranty on our Indef P-Block.

4. What is the primary safety feature available on the Indef P-Block?

Ans: A load limit device that ensures safety of operation is available optionally.

5. Can I use the Indef P-Block when the shade height and operating height is restricted?

Ans: Our hoist comes with an ultra-short headroom option. Our indigenous design allows us to customise the product as per customer needs.

6. Can the Indef P-Block be used in industries with hazardous operation areas like Oil & Gas, Food and Pharmaceuticals?

Ans: Our spark proof chain pulley blocks can be used in hazardous operation areas.

7. Where can I buy the Indef P-Block?

Ans: You can either buy the product from one of our many authorised business partners, available Pan-India, or send a mail to enquire@indef.com for more information.

8. Where can I get my products serviced and find spare parts for the same?

Ans: Our Pan-India channel of Indef Clinics, with Indef Certified Technicians present on location, can cater to all customer requirements. All critical spare parts are also available here.