Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists are rotary machines that use a wire rope to lift and lower heavy objects.

The rope, which is wound on a grooved drum in a single layer, is guided by a by ring over the drum. 

On pulling the wire rope, it spins around the drum and the object is lifted with the help of a lower load hook.

This easy-to-use hoist which can be used on EOT cranes as well as monorails finds use across multiple industries.

Products Offerings


  • When site infrastructure is well developed and electric supply connections and traveling path is properly defined
  • To move, lift and deliver loads between specified location and defined speeds.
  • If the lifting device is expected to sustain heavy impact and thrust load
  • Good for heavy use, built to last long and requires minimum maintenance
  • For critical and precise operation
  • Can support a wide capacity range and multiple applications
  • Commonly used in industries like Metals and Metal Processing, Engineering (Light & Heavy), Infrastructure, Mining, Govt. Depts., EPC/Projects, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Defence, Cement, Petrochemicals, Power (All Types), Auto & Auto Ancillary, OEM, Material Handling, Agro
  • Applicable in construction sites to move loads across different levels and for production lines
  • WRHs are better than CPBs in terms of lift and travel speed, and especially helpful when production demand is higher
  • WRHs are able to sustain heavy impact and thrust load as compared to the CEH


  • Indef offers WRHs with a capacity ranging 1T to 90T with height of lift up to 175 meters
  • Designed in line with Indian and International standards like FEM/ISO
  • Offered for Light, Medium and Heavy duty application
  • The WRH is offered for all configurations - monorail, box girder for EOT cranes and foot mounted
  • Available with low speed, high speed and dual speed configurations
  • Can be customised for short head room as well and various other requirements
  • Equipped with standard components like compacted wire ropes, motors, brakes and other electrical components
  • The dual speed hoists are equipped with HID technology for added safety and with the Indef iQue technology that is Industry 4.0 platform compliant
  • Our flame-proof WRHs are suitable for hazardous area application with gas group IIA/IIB/IIC and for zone 21/22
  • The hoists come with safety features like fail safe AC/DC brakes, thruster brakes, overload limiting device, safety hook latches, tightly wrapped spring-loaded rope guide ring, trolley and anti-fall arrangement

How to pick the best hoist
for you!

Analyse Usage Pattern

Industry specific application, specifically operation driven | Based on duty duration; no. of hours of hoisting and travel per day | Average weight of the load per shift and percentage of capacity to be lifted per cycle

Assess Duty Class

Design Duty Class requirement as per Indian and International standards | Clear shade structure height and clear lifting height requirement below the hook | Available side clearances

Monorail Path

Whether operation in on monorail path or on crane (size of beam/girder) | Hoisting and cross travel speed

Temperature Control:

Ambient conditions at the site | Automation requirement for the production 

Power Supply

Safety features and control system requirements | Type of power feeding system for the hoist | Special paint, power supply and control voltage requirements | Alarm, hooter, indicator lamp requirements for emergencies and operator safety


Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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