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Manual Hoists

Manual hoists, also known as Chain Pulley Blocks, are a proven solution for heavy load management. Widely used across industries with lifting needs, this product works on the principle of a chain coiled on two wheels in chain blocks. Whether it’s a factory, construction site or warehouse, this versatile product fits in perfectly at any facility. Simple usage, wide applicability and robust design make it a must have in the industry.

EOT Cranes

EOT Cranes are used in the lifting and shifting of material, cover all 3 axes and make for a critical piece of equipment in every industry. Indef offers a wide variety of EOT cranes in the form of Single Girder EOT, Double Girder EOT, Semi Gantry Single Girder, Semi Gantry Double Girder, Gantry Single Girder and Gantry Double Girder options.

Storage and Retrieval

After carrying out extensive research on understanding the importance of space constraints in an industry, Indef R&D developed and designed unique products like the iStacker and the Roll Out Rack.

Wire Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists are rotary machines that use a wire rope to lift and lower heavy objects. The rope, which is wound on a grooved drum in a single layer, is guided by a ring over the drum.

Electric Chain Hoists

The Electric Chain Hoist is a rotary machine where an alloy steel link load chain is wound on a pocketed chain wheel in a single layer and guided by a roller and chain guide to lift and lower heavy things.

Ergonomic Handling Solutions

A tailored product for all material handling, our Ergonomic Handling Solutions bridge the gap between traditional devices and fully automated robotic systems to ensure operator safety and comfort.

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