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Corporate Social Responsibility

The activities of our CSR are driven towards channelizing resources for bringing measurable social change in the society and indicative of our promise of Caring, Sharing, Growing. The projects implemented by our CSR team have a thrust on Enhancing green cover, Community Involvement, Art & Sports. The program are backed by assessment study before conception and regular monitoring and impact assessment, once they hit the floor. The key drivers of conceptualization of all the projects is the community with which Hercules Hoists chooses to work. Besides, we also provide lot of opportunity for workplace volunteering and employees contribution to the society.

Enhancing Green Cover

Environmental sustainability is emerging as an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.Our initiative to set sustainability benchmarks for the industry and ensuring a better world for generations to come. Under our CSR project we are conducting tree plantations across different locations along with NGO – partner Seva Sahayog Foundation. A tree has the potential to sequester about a tonne of carbon over 50 years. What’s more, it generates enough oxygen for two human beings for their entire lifetime.We at HHL are committed to increasing the green cover and become one of the active partners in fighting climate change. Trees are an important part of every community and they create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees increases our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings as well. The main objective is to create sense of responsibility towards the resource protection and pollution free environment. 

The tree plantation sites identified are basically sub urban within cities and rural villages, thereby focusing on addressing the need of increasing green cover and providing a source of livelihood to tribal farmers.The entire activity is carried out through NGO partner SSF and by Hercules Hoist employees. Plantations shall be done in multiple locations in areas. As part of the monitoring process, an NGO partner – SSF – Mumbai is appointed to conduct tree audits that shall include the plantation analysis and verification, at sites, reporting and certification.

Community Involvement

As a Company with a nationwide footprint, HHL supports local projects such as, maintaining community garden, in order to protect vulnerable areas like village and schools from errant vehicle and a part of Highway safety, HHL has donated barricades at the entry and exit of Khalapur express way toll plaza in order to reduce the severity of crashes involving ‘out of control’ vehicles.

Art & Sports

Participation in sports benefits health, character building at the individual level. Sports also benefits the nation through community development, team building etc.

The KridaVikas project is an effort taken to inculcate sports culture in Karjat and villages around Karjat. The project was energized with an initial pre assessment survey of schools in Karjat. The KridaVikas project caters to 15 schools in the periphery. The project has been benefitting 200 students for the sports training conducted at the KridaPrabodhini. The project was initiated by celebrating International Yoga Day at selected 15 schools on 21st June 2017. The identification of trainers, resource persons and requirement of equipment was made with help of experts in sports. The KridaVikas project has been smoothly conducted with blend of sports which result into an athlete. The trainings imparted to the students develop qualities such as:
These qualities bring about an overall development of the students. The project has been engaging with the students to address the energy within them. The students have expressed themselves to have benefitted not only by making progress in sports but have been grateful for the facility for the exposure, and bringing about values such as team work, sportsman spirit and facing defeats. We have seen increased participation of students in this quarter.