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UR Hoist

The UR Wire Rope Hoist is a low noise, long lasting product with a lifetime lubricated gearbox and hardened and ground gears and complies with FEM/ISO standards.

The product comes with higher motor ratings, low running cost and low downtime and can support up to 40T capacity and 12m height of lift. These products come with an optimized modular design and are best suited for medium to heavy duty application and to increase the production capacity of the factory.


  • Comes with a standard offering of short headroom execution.
  • Gearbox is coupled directly with the drum and high-quality service ensures high efficiency.
  • High start stops per hour for demanding work application.
  • High-quality, long-lasting motors for economical use with a provision for thermocouple and encoder adaptation if required by the customer.
  • The hoist is available with VLVS® technology and is most suitable for the SGEOT and DGEOT cranes.
  • The trolley is suitable for Box Girder with a wide bottom flange and high span accommodation.


  • SWL ranges from 1T to 40T and height of lift up to 12m.
  • Low headroom and wide range trolley hoist.
  • Specially designed, highly efficient German-built geared drive system.
  • Fact acting, fail-safe AC/DC brakes.
  • Electromechanical overload protection device.
  • 110V contractor control, drives are enclosed in IP55 with insulation class F.
  • Precision rotary geared limit switch – 4 contact sets for cut-offs in emergencies.
  • Cross bar limit switch for cross travel operation.
  • Can be upgraded to Industry 4.0 platform with the Indef iQue feature.
  • Comes with pole changing motor and electromagnetic DC brake.
  • High-strength wire rope with compacted wire rope drum length.
  • Optional features:
  • Frequency inverter for steeples travel motion.
  • Unique data logging and retrieval to find faults and study operation.
  • “Data Logger” monitoring system keeps performance and safety status of the hoist under surveillance.
  • VLVS® technology.


  • Offers precise handling of loads.
  • Highly efficient geared drive system provides 20% longer service life.
  • Low noise, low maintenance and compact.
  • Wear-resistant brakes mean no regular adjustments.
  • Hoist/travel drives can be replaced easily with dismantling the entire assembly – fast serviceability.
  • Lesser components translate to higher up-time.

Capacity Range 1 Ton to 40 Ton
Lifts 6 mtr to 12 mtr
Mountings Trolley Suspension Foot Mounted
Types Standard



Which hoist model should you choose and why?

We offer multiple variants and designs to suit every application and usage requirement. Our Hoist Advisor feature can recommend the best of options for you.

Does the Indef UR have any national or international standard certifications?

Yes, it complies with FEM/ISO and Indian standards.

Can the Indef UR be used for heavy-duty application?

Yes, the Indef UR is suitable for heavy-duty application. Check-in with our Authorised Business Partners or HHL Sales staff for the most appropriate hoist for you.

What is the warranty period for the product?

We provide a 1-year warranty on the Indef UR.

Can we do cross lifting with the UR hoist?

No, the loads are to be lifted within a 5-degree angle of the vertical axis.

What safety features does the UR come equipped with?

The UR comes with offer limit switch, overload relay, rotary gear cam limit switch (optional), fail-safe brakes and rope guide as safety features.

Can the UR be used where the shade height and operating height is restricted?

Yes, there is an ultra-short headroom option available. The product can also be customised to suit consumer requirements

Can the UR be used in hazardous operation areas in industries like Oil & Gas, Food and Pharmaceuticals?

No, for hazardous area application try our iR model or the WRH and HW series of products.

Can the UR be used in a dusty environment?

Yes, the UR panel comes with IP55 protection to be used around dust.

Where can I buy the Indef UR?

Indef has a pan-India presence of authorised business partners. You can reach out to your nearest ABP or email enquire@indef.com for more details.

Where can I find spare parts for the product or get it serviced?

Our pan-India network of Indef Clinics is staffed with Indef Certified Technicians and you can also find critical spare parts here to suit your requirements.