Material Handling

In the fast-paced world of industries, handling materials efficiently is the key to seamless operations. Imagine the flow of raw materials, effortlessly loaded, moved, and unloaded—this is made possible by a variety of tools and equipment. 

To achieve this, specialized material handling systems tailored for various industries step in. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario; each sector has its unique demands. For instance, what works for manufacturing might not suit logistics. This diversity calls for adaptable solutions, where innovation meets the specific needs of each industry.

Discover Precision and Excellence in Material Handling with Bajaj Indef

In the fast-paced world of industries and logistics, Bajaj Indef stands as a beacon of efficiency, revolutionizing material handling. We recognize the pivotal role material handling plays in ensuring smooth operations, making it the core of our mission to empower businesses across diverse sectors.

Effortless Lifting with Our Mechanical Hoists

When it comes to lifting light to heavy duty loads with ease, our mechanical hoists are your trusted partners. The Indef Chain Pulley Blocks (CPB) offer robust reliability, ensuring your materials are handled securely. With a lifting capacity range of up to 40 tons, these hoists are designed for pleasing aesthetics and durability. Our Ratchet Lever Hoists (RLH) feature a rust-free design and a long chain life, ensuring effortless operation. Whether you’re dealing with substantial weights or lighter materials, our mechanical hoists provide seamless lifting solutions, making your handling tasks smoother and more efficient.

Unparalleled Strength with Our Electric Chain Hoists

Our Electric Chain Hoists are engineered for strength and durability, ensuring your materials are lifted with utmost reliability. With a wide lifting capacity range from 0.25 tons to 30 tons, these hoists cater to diverse loads effortlessly. The robust design of our Electric Chain Hoists guarantees performance even in the most challenging environments. Explore our EH-II (BABY), HC+, CH-III, and CH-IV models, each equipped with unique features tailored to your specific needs. CH-III (Electron) and CH-IV (Proton) models under our chain hoist portfolio are unique offerings catering to high lifting capacities of up to 30 tons and heights of lift up to 100 mtrs.

Precision Meets Versatility with Our Wire Rope Hoists

Our Wire Rope Hoists are designed to handle heavy-duty applications with precision. Featuring a broad capacity range from 1 ton to 90 tons and a height of lift up to 175 mtrs., these hoists ensure efficient vertical transport of your materials. With both single speed and dual speed options, you have the flexibility to match the hoist’s speed with your requirements. Choose from our WRH variants- iR, WRH N Series, WRH I-II-III, HW, UR, and SMD, best suited to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer Flame Proof variants for hazardous area applications.

Effortless Handling Solutions with Our Cranes & Crane Kits

Discover effortless material handling with our thoughtfully engineered Cranes and Crane Kits. Our diverse range includes Single Girder EOT Crane, Double Girder EOT Crane, Underslung EOT Crane, Gantry Crane, Jib Crane, LR+ Systems, and Crane Kit. Each product is meticulously crafted to meet specific spatial requirements, ensuring precision in every task.

For budget-conscious solutions, consider our Hand-Operated Travelling (HOT) crane. In this system, all motions are manually controlled, providing a practical and efficient option for various material handling needs.

Optimize Space and Access with Our Storage & Retrieval Solutions

Maximize your storage space and streamline access with our Storage & Retrieval Solutions. The iStacker offers efficient vertical storage and retrieval, utilizing space to its maximum potential. With Roll-Out Racks, your materials are stored in an organized manner, ensuring easy access and enhanced workflow. Our Floor Operated Stackers simplify material handling, ensuring precision and ease of use in your operations.

Visit our product categories and explore these solutions firsthand. Let us transform the way you handle materials, making every task a seamless and efficient experience with our precision-engineered material handling equipment.

Selecting the Ideal Material Handling Equipment for Your Operations

Assess Your Requirements:

Load characteristics, including weights, dimensions, and material fragility, as well as efficiency | Workspace parameters, involve considerations such as ceiling height, floor space availability, and environmental conditions | Determine the desired operational speed and explore power supply options

Analysing Environmental Factors:

Consider temperature and climate requirements | Identify necessary safety features and outline control systems requirements for optimal performance

Products Offerings


  • SGEOT cranes can be seamlessly designed over new or existing structures without major modifications, enhancing operational adaptability
  • The semi-gantry crane offers the flexibility to choose the span, enabling efficient utilization of floor space
  • Gantry crane usage is not hindered by shed structure constraints, allowing for unhindered long travel speed. Furthermore, it enables outdoor operations without any restrictions on headroom
  • The Jib crane's optimized structural weight prevents column uprooting, prioritizing stability and safety throughout its usage
  • Our Single Girder EOT cranes are designed for adaptable spans, ensuring versatile and efficient operations. Additionally, our Double Girder EOT cranes offer exceptional stability, providing robust support for handling heavy loads with ease


  • Our iStacker cranes revolutionize storage and retrieval in smart warehouses, ensuring multilevel storage efficiency with advanced features
  • The LR+ (Light Rail Crane) System redefines industrial applications with profiles covering up to 2-ton loads, minimizing horizontal forces and stress on support structures
  • Single Girder and double-girder EOT cranes are pivotal in construction, offering precise lifting solutions for heavy loads and extensive spans
  • Gantry and semi-gantry cranes cater to metal, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and cement industries, ensuring safe and efficient material handling
  • Jib Cranes find applications across industries where flexible, 360° movement is crucial, making them ideal for various operational needs


  • We offer customized and standard crane options, ensuring every requirement is met precisely, aligning with international standards such as FEM, ISO, and IS
  • Engineered for lightweight performance, our cranes minimize power consumption, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly operations
  • Our Pan India service network provides readily available spare parts and swift service, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations
  • Beyond sales, we provide on-site and on-call assistance, rapid technical solutions, preventive health check-ups, annual maintenance contracts, and operator training programs, building enduring partnerships and ensuring continuous success

How to pick the best crane
for you!


Assess Your Requirement:

Height of the clear shed structure and the clear lifting height required below the hook | Working bay length of the crane  | Span of the crane  | Available side clearances

Hoist speed, cross travel speed and long travel speed.  | Any special paint, power supply or control voltage requirements  | Automation requirement for production




Analyse Temperature:

Ambient conditions of the site

Power Supply

Safety features and control systems required | Requirements for alarm, hooter or indicator lamps for emergencies and operator safety



Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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