JIB Crane 1

JIB Crane

Equipped with standing column and a rotating boom, the Jib Crane is predominantly used for the loading and unloading of material onto machines & testing beds, for maintenance purposes and to cover a circular area of work.

Indef offers Jib Cranes with a rotating angle of 360° or 270° that can be operated manually, electrically or as a combination of both. We also offer wall mounted variants.

Our crane is recommended for M5/Fem 2M duty application and can also be used for outdoor and flame-proof work. 

Generally used with a chain hoist and chain pulley blocks, a Jib Crane armed with a wire rope hoist is only used for certain specific application. We offer our cranes with a Safe Working Load of up to 3.2T, a height of lift of 5 meters and a boom length of 7 meters. Our light weight design and correct loading data allows for optimisation of the concrete foundation.

A complete Jib crane consists of – 

  • 1 Column
  • 1 Boom
  • 1 Reaction Arm
  • 1 set of Base Plate with Foundation Hardware
  • 1 Hoist with Trolley


  • Optimised structural weight of the crane prevents the column from uprooting.
  • The 360° variant comes with a combination of bearings to handle even the heaviest axial and radial loads
  • Our precise machining and alignment translate to lesser effort required for rotation and CT movement.
  • Secondary safety prevents column from uprooting.
  • The boom is equipped with an anti-lift arrangement.
  • Electromechanical overload device adds to the safety.
  • An adjustable rotation stop buffer helps in restricting the movement of the boom to match the requirements.


  • The crane is available with a combination of manual and electrical operation.
  • The product can be provided with a light rail boom to support an SWL of up to 1T.
  • An adjustment for the rotation gearbox mounting provides proper torque transmission.
  • A slip ring helps with continuous 360° rotation.
  • An adjustment for the king post mounting bearing housing allows smooth rotation.
  • A handle with a sling at the end of the boom assists with manual rotation.


  • Cost effective alternative for confined working areas.
  • Zero dependency on a shed or structure.
  • Fully dedicated towards a particular form of work to boost productivity.
  • Maximum hook approaches on either side.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.

SWL UP TO 5 TONS (5000 kg)
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Does the Indef Jib Crane have any national or international certifications?

Ans: The Indef Jib Crane is compliant with FEM and ISO Standards.

What is the maximum capacity of this crane?

Ans: The product can support up to 3.2 tonnes.

What is the maximum span of this product?

Ans: The maximum span is 7 meters.

What is the maximum height of lift that can be provided with this product?

Ans: The maximum height of lift is 5 meters.

Is there a data logging or conditional monitoring facility available with this model?

Ans. Yes, our iQueue technology which is Industry 4.0 standard compliant can facilitate this.

Where can I find a service facility and spare parts for this crane?

Ans: The Indef Service Team is available at all regional offices. You can also call or WhatsApp us 24x7 at +91 8669994119.

Where can I buy the Indef Jib Crane?

Ans: Indef is present pan-India. You can reach out to us at +91 (0) 2192662511 or enquire@indef.com.

How can I get a list of Indef crane customer references?

Ans: You can reach out to us at enquire@indef.com and we will be happy to provide you with the references

What industry segments does Indef cater to?

Ans: We service all industries except Process Cranes.