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Discover unparalleled material handling precision with our EOT Cranes, revolutionizing overhead lifting across all axes. Indef offers a diverse range, including Single Girder, Double Girder, Underslung EOT Cranes, and Crane Kits, tailored to your specific needs.

Single Girder EOT Crane

Unleash the power of precision with our Single Girder EOT Crane. Designed with a single cross beam housing the hoist on a trolley, this crane effortlessly tackles standard duty tasks where load sizes range up to 10 tons and span reaching 30 meters.

Double Girder EOT Crane

Equipped with dual cross beams or girders, the Double Girder EOT crane commands the production realm with unparalleled strength. Satisfying medium to heavy load demands, these cranes span from 5 tons to an impressive 70 tons with a 35-meter span. 

Underslung EOT Crane

This unique configuration boasts a single girder or cross beam, ingeniously flipped upside-down. The gantry beam suspends against the shed structure, while the LT end carriage dangles from it, seamlessly connected below the end carriage. Our underslung EOT crane ranges up to 12.5 tons with an impressive 25-meter span.

All three meticulously crafted modular design adheres to rigorous international standards – FEM, ISO, and IS – offering precision and excellence. A circular variant in the same category further amplifies your choices.

Crane Kit

The ultimate solution for constructing advanced and cost-effective cranes effortlessly. Equipped with end carriages, a control panel, festooning, and a high-quality hoist, our kit ensures seamless assembly. With capacity options ranging from 2 tons to 10 tons, a height of lift to 12 meters, and a span of 25 meters, our crane kit is designed for FEM-2 meter/M5 duty.

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EOT Cranes Usage

  • EOT cranes excel in industrial settings, facilitating seamless material flow in production, fabrication, and storage departments, enhancing efficiency
  • In maintenance tasks, EOT cranes are vital assets, lifting heavy loads with precision, and simplifying intricate tasks effortlessly
  • EOT cranes efficiently handle material movement in storage areas, maximizing space utilization and ensuring clutter-free, organized storage landscapes

EOT Cranes Application

  • EOT cranes excel in magnetized material handling, managing scrap materials and enhancing waste disposal efficiency with grab bucket precision
  • Seamless coordination is achieved when two or more EOT cranes work together, handling lengthy members with finesse and precision, ensuring smooth operations
  • In industries like paper and polymer, synchronized cranes with rotating equipment handle dyes, ensuring precision and efficiency in production processes
  • With sway control technology, our overhead cranes navigate delicate glass and dye applications, ensuring every movement is a masterpiece of finesse and accuracy
  • Synchronized EOT cranes guided by PLC technology offer unparalleled positioning accuracy, setting the stage for flawless execution in various industrial settings
  • Our EOT cranes are engineered for gas group applications, featuring flame-proof and spark-proof designs, ensuring safety and efficiency in hazardous environments

EOT Cranes Benefits

  • EOT cranes require no floor space, making them perfect for industries needing efficient movement of heavy loads without sacrificing valuable floor area
  • Our cranes feature safety elements like limit switches, overload relays, derailment guards, buffers, and anti-collision devices. Load cells with indicators and zone protectors offer additional security
  • Personalize your crane with accessories like bridge lights, sirens, radio remote controls, and encoders, elevating your operational efficiency
  • From 1 ton to 70 tons, our iCrane spans up to 35 meters, meeting FEM and Indian Standards, tailored precisely to your requirements
  • Our flame-proof cranes redefine safety, operating seamlessly in gas group IIA/IIB/IIC conditions and zone 21/22 environments, allowing confident navigation in hazardous areas

How to pick the best crane
for you!


Assess Your Requirement:

Height of the clear shed structure and the clear lifting height required below the hook | Working bay length of the crane  | Span of the crane  | Available side clearances

Hoist speed, cross travel speed and long travel speed.  | Any special paint, power supply or control voltage requirements  | Automation requirement for production




Analyse Temperature:

Ambient conditions of the site

Power Supply

Safety features and control systems required | Requirements for alarm, hooter or indicator lamps for emergencies and operator safety



Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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