EOT Cranes

EOT Cranes are used in the lifting and shifting of material, cover all 3 axes and make for a critical piece of equipment in every industry.

Indef offers a wide variety of EOT cranes in the form of Single Girder EOT, Double Girder EOT, Semi Gantry Single Girder, Semi Gantry Double Girder, Gantry Single Girder and Gantry Double Girder options.

The EOT crane runs on a gantry beam installed on the column structure in a factory.

It comprises of several sub-assemblies like a Hoist/Trolley/Crab, End Truck/End Carriage Assembly, CT Girder, Travel Drive Assembly, CT Rail and Electricals.

Products Offerings


  • Used in industries where continuous material movement is required in production, fabrication, maintenance and storage departments.
  • Different types of cranes like the JIB crane, the EOT crane, the Gantry crane etc. can be customised to suit the work area that is to be covered.


  • Magnet crane for handling scrap
  • Grab bucket crane for waste
  • Use of 2 or more cranes in tandem for long member handling
  • Use of 2 or more cranes in tandem with rotating equipment for handling dyes in the paper or polymer industry.
  • Sway control for handling glass or dyes
  • Using 2 synchronised cranes through PLC for precise positioning
  • Flame-proof or spark-proof crane for gas group applications


  • Since EOT cranes don’t occupy and floor space, they work well in industries where heavy loads need to be moved.
  • Overhead cranes are equipped with a plethora of safety features like limit switches, overload relays, derailment guards, buffers, overload device, anti-collision device, load cell with indicator, zone protector etc.
  • The cranes can also be equipped with a variety of accessories like bridge light, siren, flasher, hooter, phases indicating beacons, radio remote control, encoders etc.
  • We use the FEA tools in the market to design Box Girders, End Carriages and Joints.
  • Special software is used in shaft design and selection of bearings.
  • Our iCrane offers high level of customisation and is available with a range of 1T to 70T with a max span of 35 meters as per FEM and Indian Standards.
  • Best quality cranes made possible through stringent manufacturing processes.
  • Our flame-proof cranes work in hazardous conditions with gas group IIA/IIB/IIC and for zone 21/22.

How to pick the best hoist
for you!


Assess Duty Class Requirement:

Height of the clear shed structure and the clear lifting height required below the hook | Working bay length of the crane  | Span of the crane  | Available side clearances

Hoist speed, cross travel speed and long travel speed.  | Any special paint, power supply or control voltage requirements  | Automation requirement for production




Analyse Temperature:

Ambient conditions of the site

Power Supply

Safety features and control systems required | Requirements for alarm, hooter or indicator lamps for emergencies and operator safety



Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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