The Spectrum of Bajaj Indef Wire Rope Hoists Tailored to Your Lifting Requirements

Wire rope hoists have evolved into essential tools across diverse industries, valued for their robust design and versatile applications. Whether within manufacturing plants or warehouses, these hoists play a pivotal role in the efficient lifting and movement of heavy loads. This comprehensive guide aims to navigate the intricate world of Bajaj Indef’s wire rope hoist offerings, providing insights into their various types, functionality, and valuable tips to aid in selecting the most suitable hoist for a wide array of lifting needs. 

Working of an Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The functionality of an electric wire rope hoist follows a well-coordinated process to ensure precise lifting. It all begins with the activation of the lifting motor, gently raising the load to the required height. 

The braking system of the electric wire rope maintains control during movements. The brake, triggered by spring pressure on the inner and outer discs, disengages as soon as the lifting motor starts. This allows the load to move freely, with the brake reengaging upon motor deactivation to apply a reliable braking force, ensuring safe and controlled operations.

This working sequence, complemented by safety features like overload protection, and fast-action electromagnetic disc brakes positions electric wire rope hoists as reliable tools for managing heavy loads with precision, emphasizing not just lifting capability but also a commitment to operational accuracy and safety.

Our 7 Types of Wire Rope Hoists 

Tailored to Your Needs! Our wire rope hoists redefine lifting possibilities, offering a versatile capacity range from 1t to 90t to suit a variety of tasks. Whether you prefer Single Speed or Dual Speed, our hoists provide the flexibility you need. Explore our distinct series – iR, WRH N SERIES, WRH I-II-III, HW, UR, and SMD – each crafted with precision and reliability, underpinned by proven international technology.

Our standard short headroom trolley hoist ensures easy installation. Our wire rope hoists with lift capabilities up to 175 meters promise not just reliable lifting, but a range of options designed to meet your unique needs. 

  1. iR Series Wire Rope Hoist

The iR Series Wire Rope Hoist distinguishes itself with a design that is compact, modular, and flexible, providing an economical solution for a variety of lifting requirements. Ensuring durability and efficiency, this hoist is equipped with a gearbox that is lubricated for a lifetime and gears that are hardened and ground. With a robust motor at its core, it accommodates capacities up to 20t and can lift materials to a height of 24 meters, making it especially well-suited for medium-to-heavy-duty applications and significantly contributing to the enhancement of factory production capacity. 

Its optimized modular structure ensures a performance that is both low-noise and enduring. The hoist offers flexibility with single and dual-speed options, featuring high-quality, long-lasting motors that can be adapted with thermocouples and encoders based on customer needs. The thoughtful inclusion of overload protection adds a layer of safety to the overall functionality of the hoist, emphasizing its commitment to reliability and secure operation.

  1. WRH N Series

The WRH N Series hoists are purpose-built for seamless operation, particularly catering to maintenance tasks. These hoists embody a compact and robust design, offering capacities ranging from 1t to 5t and a height of lift up to 25 meters. Ideal for light and medium-duty applications, they excel in providing a reliable solution for various tasks. 

The rope guide assembly of WRH N Series not only prevents slackening but also facilitates quick rope changes, enhancing operational efficiency. The use of a seamless pipe for the wire rope drum ensures durability, enabling smooth operation even with multiple uses. Additionally, its easily serviceable nature, coupled with readily available spare parts, emphasizes the commitment to long-term functionality and hassle-free maintenance.

  1. WRH N3 HL hoists

Compact and robust, these hoists boast a lifting capacity of 3t and a remarkable height of lift reaching up to 110 meters. Primarily designed for light and medium-duty applications, they excel in higher lift scenarios. The hoists’ compact design facilitates easy transportation, ensuring convenience in various settings. Operating trouble-free with straightforward adjustment mechanisms, they offer longevity and operate with low noise levels. The inclusion of geared couplings enhances transmission efficiency, contributing to the hoists’ reliability. 

  1. WRH I II III Series

These user-friendly and low-maintenance hoists are well-suited for medium and heavy-duty applications, effortlessly managing capacities ranging from 1t to 10t with a lift height of up to 20 meters. What sets them apart is their higher operational speed, along with a lower hook block that aligns itself to prevent rope overlap. The rope guide assembly ensures tautness and facilitates swift rope changes, contributing to their ease of use. These hoists are designed to operate with low noise, ensuring smooth performance even in tough conditions. The WRH I II III series guarantees safety, reliability, and longevity, emphasizing their suitability for hazardous areas. 

  1. HW Wire Rope Hoist

Featuring higher motor ratings, it boasts low running costs and minimal downtime, supporting capacities up to 40t and a lift height of 50 meters. Tailored for heavy-duty applications, it proves instrumental in bolstering factory production capacity.

Adaptable to various configurations, including short headroom, the HW hoist offers versatile solutions. Its compact gearbox, directly coupled with the drum, ensures high efficiency, complemented by an overload protection device for enhanced safety. Known for its precise load handling, long-lasting brakes that require minimal adjustments, and easy serviceability, the HW Wire Rope Hoist excels in delivering consistent performance. 

  1. UR Wire Rope Hoist

With higher motor ratings, low running costs, and minimal downtime, it accommodates up to 40t of capacity and a 12-meter lift height. This hoist introduces features such as VLVS technology, catering to demanding work applications with high start stops per hour. Designed for compatibility with SGEOT and DGEOT cranes, it offers a standard short-headroom execution. 

Equipped with long-lasting motors and the flexibility for thermocouple and encoder adaptation, the UR Wire Rope Hoist ensures economical use. Safety is a priority with its electromechanical overload protection device, guaranteeing precise load handling. With a frequency inverter for steeple travel motion and a unique data logging system for fault identification and operational study, the UR Wire Rope Hoist represents a comprehensive and dependable solution for various lifting needs.

  1. SMD Wire Rope Hoist

These hoists are remarkably customizable, providing a Safe Working Load ranging from 5t to an impressive 90t, with a lift height extending up to 175 meters. The optimized design and overall dimensions of the SMD hoist contribute significantly to enhancing factory production capacity.

Featuring a heavy-duty construction and a robust modular design, INDEF’s SMD Wire Rope Hoist boasts the highest Safe Working Load and lift height range, making it a reliable choice for demanding lifting tasks. Notably, this hoist excels in low maintenance due to its minimal wear and tear, ensuring prolonged and efficient operation. 

The design’s focus on true vertical lift prevents rope twisting, and easy accessibility to crucial components like the gearbox, motor, drum, brake, and panel unit further enhances the user-friendly and efficient nature of this product.


We hope this comprehensive guide has shed light on the diverse range of wire rope hoists, providing valuable insights into their types and functionalities. When selecting the perfect wire rope hoist, consider factors such as capacity, lift height, speed options, and specific features that align with your operational needs. 

Whether it’s the precision of the iR Series or the robustness of the SMD Wire Rope Hoist, each type caters to unique requirements. For further assistance and detailed information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Call or email us at [+91 (22) 489-33303] or [] respectively, and visit our website at to explore the complete range of wire rope hoists, empowering you to make the right choice for efficient and safe lifting in your industry.