Ergonomic Handling Solutions

A tailored product for all material handling, our Ergonomic Handling Solutions bridge the gap between traditional devices and fully automated robotic systems to ensure operator safety and comfort.

With pinpoint precision and blazing fast speed, these machines act like extensions of the user’s arms in handling huge loads.

Their ease of manoeuvrability is unmatched by hoists and air balancers.

These machines guide the operator with sufficient flexibility and the advanced technology allows for intelligent movement.

This intelligent technology also improves productivity, lowers damage cost and reduces worker injuries.

Our range of Ergonomic Handling Solutions like Parallelogram, Pivot Arm, Pneumatic Balancers and Z-Lifts are offered in collaboration with market leaders Zasche who have been leading the way in this segment for the past 85 years.

Products Offerings


  • Improper load handling has been identified as one of the key causes behind sick leaves and poor performance with subsequent long-term ill effects on workers’ health. These health issues also delay production and reduce efficiency. Our ergonomic material handling equipment and workstations were designed with the thought of providing a safe, cost-effective and lucrative solution to this problem, minimising the consequences of carrying out repetitive movements, working with weights and spoiling the posture. Our technologically advanced machines are precisely set to the task of minimising risk in the workplace by enhancing safety for the workers performing these duties.


  • Manipulators allow operators to clamp onto items using vacuum, lift, rotate and/or upend the parts smoothly and quickly.
  • By minimising safety concerns and improving employee health, our machines help clients increase their employee retention rates.
  • Overall workplace safety can be improved by making adjustments to the rules and equipment.
  • Quality of work improves as processes are more efficient and not plagued by the likes of exhaustion, fatigue etc.
  • By reducing safety concerns and minimising effort in similar tasks, employees are encouraged to be their most productive selves.
  • Overall cost expenditure is lowered in terms of re-hiring, medical reimbursements and healthcare.
  • Improving work quality of your bottom-line staff builds good reputation for the company and add to the prestige and ethical practices.

How to pick the best solution
for you!

Analyse Usage Pattern

 Industry specific application or type of operation | Number of hours used per day |  Average weight load to be lifted in a shift with frequency | Based on Design Duty Class requirements as per Indian or International standards | Automation requirements in production

Power Supply

Safety features, control systems required



  Ambient conditions at the site 


Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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