Parallelogram Pillar Mounted


These unique devices are a combination of the pneumatic hoist and a parallelogram and are used to record movements and workpieces outside of their centre of gravity.

The standard boom length of up to 3,200 mm can be customised as per the task at hand and the device can be supplied with strokes of up to 1,800 mm in the lifting direction.

All rotating swivels and strokes can be fitted with optional brakes.


  • All devices are built in accordance with the latest standards and are equipped with all the safety features required to be compliant with current regulations.
  • Our unique design and technology ensures torsional rigidity of both girders and end-carriages, favourable utilisation of the available height & space, smooth handling and precise positioning of the loads when supplied with VFD.
  • Wheel blocks are made from wear-resistant GGG 70 spheroidal-graphite cast iron with self-lubricating properties.


  • Exceptional load capacity with minimum deadweight
  • Precise and stable geometry
  • Load hook can be raised between the two crane girders to enable maximum lifting height


  • Use of specialized software for the crane and girder ensures flexibility for new and existing structures without the need for extensive changes to the same by optimum utilization of height and space.
  • Availability of low headroom crab system on request to meet site constraints.
  • Joints between the girders and end carriages are manufacture to precise machined tolerances to allow minimum wear and tear.
  • Highly efficient device offered with proven components for longevity and reliability.
  • Standard offering gear box and motor for hoisting and travel application are designed and built in Germany.
  • Optimised design allows for higher up time and low operation and maintenance costs with consistent performance.



Which Indef Manipulator device should you choose and why?

We offer multiple options to suit every application and usage requirement. Our sales experts can recommend the best of options for you when you reach to them.

Where can I buy Indef Manipulators?

Indef has a pan-India presence of authorised business partners. You can reach out to your nearest ABP or email for more details.

Where can I find spare parts for the product or get it serviced?

Our pan-India network of Indef Clinics is staffed with Indef Certified Technicians and you can also find critical spare parts here to suit your requirements. You can call or WhatsApp us 24x7 at +91 8669994119.