Storage and Retrieval

After carrying out extensive research on understanding the importance of space constraints in an industry, Indef R&D developed and designed unique products like the iStacker and the Roll Out Rack.

Be it Raw Material, Finished Goods or other peripherals, the Indef Roll Out Rack allows for their vertical storage with an easy move-in and move-out mechanism.

Our finessed design ensures all storage happens without disturbing any other items.

For all warehousing needs like storage, retrieval, and receipt of pallets or goods, the iStacker is a must-have machine for effective material management.

Products Offerings


  • The iStacker is ideal for warehouses and stores and can also be used for overhead application using its fork.
  • The iStackers comes with a lifting capacity between 250 kgs to 4 tonnes, a maximum span of 35 meters and a height of lift of 6 meters. It also allows multi-directional movement.
  • The iStacker can also be operated through an Operating Panel mounter on the mast, through radio remote control or via a stationary operating panel on the floor.


  • The iStacker runs on electricity fed through a DSL which allows for disruption-free work making warehouses more efficient.
  • With a mast size smaller than that of a forklift, the iStacker makes placing products in confined spaces easier.
  • Unlike the forklift and the reach stacker, the iStacker does not require any floor space and instead operates on a gantry girder or gantry beams laid on racks.
  • High quality product made through stringent manufacturing processes.

How to pick the best solution
for you!

Analyse Usage Pattern:

Industry specific |Time based use in no. of hours | Average weight of load

Assess Duty Class Requirement

Duty class requirement classification | Storage Material Type | Headroom available in the shed | Working bay length | Through put requirement




Working environment temperature


Check The Lifting Capacity Requirement

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