Benefits of Using an Electric Chain Hoist and Precautions You Need to Know

An electric chain hoist is a material handling device used in industries like oil and gas, engineering, cement, etc. to lift and move heavy objects. It makes lifting heavy loads an easy job. When it comes to electric chain hoists, many industrialists find themselves confused about whether to choose them or not.

In today’s blog, we have shared some key benefits of this lifting equipment. They will help you make the right decision. Moreover, we have also shared precautions that one must consider while operating an electric chain hoist. So, let’s get headed towards the benefits first.

Benefits of Electric Chain Hoist

One of the major reasons you should purchase an electric chain hoist is its many benefits. Here’s a list of benefits to check out:

Increased Productivity

An electric chain hoist can make lifting and moving weights from one place to another simple, thus is widely used for heavy-duty, medium-duty as well as light-duty applications. This helps workers spend less time adjusting the loads as no manual effort is needed when compared to the manual hoist reducing fatigue and helping boost productivity.

Thus, an electric chain hoist is what you need if you want to save time and improve overall productivity. There are even various options available as per the work requirements. Some of the variants of electric chain hoists that we offer are – Baby (EH II), HC+, CH III, and CH-IV.

High Load Capacity

As the name goes a motor is attached to an electric chain hoist. Hence, when compared to manual hoists, a single person operating a chain pulley block can only lift up to max. 5 tons whereas, in the case of an electric chain hoist, they can go up to 30 tons, powering the lifting capability of the machine. Also, an electric chain hoist helps with cross-travel motion, lifting a wide range of loads even more comfortably.

Cost Effective

The cost of skilled labour, particularly for lifting machinery, is rising over time. Because of the minimal labour requirements, an electric chain hoist can save significantly on labour costs; it is also a one-time investment.

Some Other Benefits of Electric Chain Hoist

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, some of the added benefits include:

  • The electric chain hoists can be designed for hazardous applications
  • The hoist offers smooth operation with less-noise generation
  • Precision handling of the load is guaranteed
  • Overload protection can even be integrated into the hoist design
  • The hoists come with easy service and readily available spare parts
  • The electric chain hoists come with dimensions that match the industry standard

Safety Measures or Precautions While Using Electric Chain Hoist

We cannot eliminate the risk, but it can surely be reduced through safety measures. The following are some key precautions and safety measures that you must ensure while operating an electric chain hoist:

Avoid Using the Hoist above its Lifting Capacity

Every electric chain hoist has a specified safe working load capacity to lift weights, which means that when operating an electric chain hoist, it is important to ensure that the SWL limit should not be crossed at any cost.

The lifting capacity details are generally on the nameplate, which you can read initially before operating the machinery. This precaution can reduce the risk of electric chain hoist chain breakage and accidents caused by it.

Never Ride on Loads

Operators or workers of the manufacturing unit should never ride on the load when lifted with the load. This will add extra pressure to the machinery, which might result in malfunctioning. If that happens, there are not only chances of the worker getting injured, but machines will also suffer damage.

Proper Positioning of Load

When operating an electric chain hoist, it’s essential to check the positioning of the load. The load should be vertically placed under the hoist and there should not be angular lifting done by the hoist as it can damage the internal components of the hoist. Therefore, before hoisting loads, ensure they are positioned and attached properly to the hook.

Presence of People During Lifting

It’s important to ensure that during the lifting process, no one is standing under the load. Those around the load and equipment must wear the necessary safety gear, such as helmets, gloves, and safety shoes. This will reduce the risk of injuries to workers and damage to the load.

The Right Way of Operating Limit Switch

One of electric chain hoist operators’ most common mistakes is using the limit switches frequently. This causes partial abrasion and damage to the limit switch. Limit switches are for emergency purposes, not for regular use. Using them regularly can result in disruption in the internal functionality of the hoist.

To Sum Up:

An electric chain hoist is one of the most crucial machineries for any manufacturing unit, requiring daily lifting and movement of weights. Once you purchase and install electric chain hoists in your manufacturing units, follow the above-mentioned precautions. These safety guidelines will help reduce the risk of damage to machinery and workers.

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