What is a Crane Kit? All You Need to Know About the Crane Kits

Cranes are industrial machines used to lift or transport different industrial elements from one place to another in manufacturing, construction, and other material-handling industries. With the changing needs of industries, there is a need for devices that are flexible and help reduce dependency. Here crane kits can be a helpful option.

This blog will drive you towards understanding what crane kits aretheir different elements with the various benefits.

Information on Crane Kit for all your Business Needs

For industries like construction, manufacturing, and transportation, a crane kit acts as an essential tool that consists of all necessary components (crane frame, hoist, trolley, and controls) needed to construct the crane.

Also, depending on whether you need a top-running (where the maximum possible lift height is needed) or under-running (when headroom above the runway is the prime requirement); the elements are grouped in constructing the simplest possible overhead crane kit.

Crane kits in general come with:

  • End carriage assembly
  • Control panel
  • CT Festooning
  • Moving pendent
  • Hoist

Crane Kits offered by Bajaj Indef are of global quality standards that come with all of the above-mentioned units along with a proven range of Indef Hoists. The brand is known for its commitment towards providing complete customer satisfaction as per their requirements.

Crane Kits
Crane Kit Manufacturer in India

Benefits of a Crane Kit

The prime benefits of a crane kit are:

  • Easy availability of everything required to assemble carne of specific capacity for a particular application
  • A good choice for traders who has the infrastructure to manufacture a crane girder beam by themselves but not the technical expertise and infrastructure for manufacturing the electrical components
  • The compact crane kits save the added shipping charges. Especially when transported over long distances or overseas
  • Depending upon the requirement there are options like double girder top running crane kits and single girder under/top running crane kits
  • The optimum combination options offer a user-friendly assembly as per the plug-and-play principle
  • Enhanced safety, reliability and efficiency are the further enhanced benefits
  • Easy repair, maintenance and replacements of spares/ old/ worn parts are some of the added benefits of crane kits

Key Takeaway:

Manufacturing units where there is a need for economic design with the freedom of customization should go with crane kits from a reputed manufacturer rather than buying a complete crane to save time and money. Also, carne kits are an appropriate option when the installation location is far away.

A Synopsis of the Crane Kits Offered by Bajaj Indef

With Indef by your side, building safe, economical, high-quality cranes is easier than ever before. The Indef crane kit is a useful and cost-effective option for manufacturers with only fabrication facilities or ones who rely on local fabricators and other sources to procure different parts of a crane. Some of the features offered by the Indef crane kits are:

  • Variable speed for the hoist, trolley & bridge
  • Electro-mechanical overload instrument
  • Separate track for moving the pendant through the flat cable with a plug socket and more
  • The capacity range is available in 2T, 3T, 5T to 10T with a span of up to 25m.
  • Fitted with a next-gen IR series Wire Rope Hoist of variable capacity (2T, 3T, 5T or 10T).
  • Additionally, the crane kits are completely customizable and equipped with the anti-collision device and loadcell with the display.

Built on six decades of design and expertise Bajaj Indef brings to you crane kits that can save 40% of your crane building time. Here is a video to help you understand our crane kits in a better way.

To know more about the crane kit configuration, available options, offered services, and costs visit our website or reach out to us at +91 (22) 489-33303.

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