Indef EOT Crane Overview

EOT cranes, also known as Electric Overhead Travelling cranes, are lifting machinery for lifting materials in warehouses and workshops. An EOT crane has a unique structure, allowing the full use of space under the shed to lift anything from the ground without any hindrance.

When buying an EOT crane, choosing the right manufacturer is essential. INDEF is one of India’s best EOT crane manufacturers. Today’s blog will explain why they are ideal vendors for purchasing EOT cranes. Before getting into that part, let’s have a basic overview of EOT cranes.

How Many Types of EOT Cranes Are There?

Two types of EOT cranes are available in the market. They are Single Girder and Double Girder EOT cranes. Let’s have a brief about each:

Single Girder EOT Crane

As the name suggests, a single girder EOT crane contains a single girder attached to a trolly. There’s also a hoist that comes in a single girder that runs along the axis. In this type of EOT, there’s one main girder. It’s between the parallel runway, not requiring any rail component to move on the runway. 

A single girder EOT crane is easy to operate thanks to a radio remote control and push-button pendant station. Moreover, a single girder EOT crane is lighter than a double girder EOT crane. Besides, they are perfect for lifting tasks that require less time. 

The most common single girder EOT cranes are listed below:

  1. LD type single girder EOT crane 
  2. LDP type single girder EOT crane
  3. HD type single girder EOT crane 

Help: LD, LDP, and HD are the models of single girder EOT cranes. 

Double Girder EOT crane

The double girder EOT crane contains two cross girders on which trolleys operate using a cross movement. Besides, the number of hoists and trolleys is entirely customizable and depends mainly on customer requirements. This crane has one platform on each side and a crab-lifting mechanism attached to the rafters. If the customer wants, they can add one hoist, two hoists, etc. 

A complete Double Girder EOT Crane consists of,

  • 2 Girders
  • 2 End carriage assemblies
  • 1 Crab/trolley
  • 1 Set of platforms
  • 1 Electrical panel with field cables

Double girder EOT cranes are used for maintenance tasks, assembly lines, and warehouses for lifting heavy loads. When we talk about its operation, there are more options than single girder EOT cranes. 

One can operate the machine through radio remote control, cabin mode, and push-button pendant. The double Girder machine is designed in such a way that it offers more stability. With enhanced stability, lifting heavy weights becomes pretty convenient.

The most common double girder EOT cranes are listed below:

  1. QD-type hook double bridge crane 
  2. LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane 
  3. NLH type double girder EOT crane

Note: Here, QD, LH, and NLH are the respective models of the double girder crane. 

Applications of EOT Crane

EOT cranes are one of the most commonly used machinery in industries with the need for heavy-duty operations. These cranes are used for lifting, lowering, and moving heavy materials for daily operations. The application of this machinery is widespread throughout various industries and functions. Let’s talk about a few of them:

  • Ceramic Industry: Tiles, bricks, and other clay products aren’t easy to move in bulk. Manufacturers lift, move, and transport their materials and final products in bulk using EOT cranes.
  • Construction Industry: Whether brick or cement, the construction sector revolves around heavy materials. EOT cranes are used to shift them from one place to another. 
  • Dairy Industry: EOT cranes help move heavy loads of dairy products and milk containers, saving time. Moreover, they also come helpful in moving old and dead animals and which human resources require lots of effort to move. 
  • Assembly Line: Let’s take an example of car manufacturers. Powerful lifting tools are required to assemble a car from multiple heavy pieces. EOT cranes are the most used machinery in assembly lines.

Besides the above industries, the EOT cranes are also used in power plants, transport, petrochemicals, foundries, steel plants, and chemical plants. Now let’s move forward to understand another important topic – why go with INDEF for cranes? 

What Makes INDEF The Best EOT Cranes Manufacturers in India?

INDEF is one of the best EOT crane manufacturers in India. But in addition to that, it’s also one of the most preferred sellers of EOT cranes. What makes INDEF a favourite choice of so many leading companies? Here are some important key points: 

Design Standards

The biggest reason why some leading brands have invested in our lifting equipment is our design standards. Our EOT cranes are not just premium in quality but comply with international standards. When we say international standards, the designs of our cranes are created to meet the IS, ISO, and FEM standards. 

These standards ensure that our lifting machines are made from 100% original and highest-quality materials. Every crane we manufacture goes into the market after assurance of compliance of these standards. Due to this reason, Indef proved itself to be a reliable lifting solutions manufacturer that you can trust with your lifting needs. 

Structure Optimization

In an EOT crane, every part needs to be appropriately optimised before getting into the hands of users. At Indef, we offer EOT cranes whose structure is highly optimised. We have a team of experienced and proficient designers who have created the structure of cranes, keeping in mind the efficiency factor. Every part of the crane is optimised efficiently enough to promote the convenient lifting of the loads. 

Moreover, another excellent facility that we offer is structure customization. For each requirement, customers get the structure customization facility. This facility allows you to create new structures using the existing ones without undergoing heavy changes. This isn’t just cost-efficient as you don’t have to worry about additional costs; it also promotes flexibility.


From day one, we have worked hard to offer our customers EOT cranes that satisfy their expectations. In our journey, we have got to work with some of the industry giants. We have helped the ADITYA BIRLA GROUP, TATA GROUP, TRF LIMITED, NEW HOLLAND, LARSEN & TOUBRO, MRF, etc., with our premium material handling machinery. 

We’re not bragging, but all of them have only good things to say about our products and after-sale support. There’s a dedicated section for customer testimonials on your website. It reflects brands we have helped with material handling and what they say about us.

Experience in The Market

Regarding material handling, every customer looks for the oldest seller in the market. We are proud to say that INDEF has been trusted for more than 60 years with material handling machinery. 

As technology advanced, we modified our manufacturing techniques to give our customers every ounce of excellence. Moreover, in the last 60 years, we have worked with various businesses. Our experience has given us an excellent ability to understand customers’ needs better. 

Are you wondering where to purchase EOT cranes for your business? INDEF is the best and most trusted seller in the market. Choosing our EOT cranes is worth all your money. We have been Redefining Material Handling since 1962. Please visit to explore the range of offerings from INDEF or write to us at