We are thrilled to unveil the fourteenth edition of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” featuring a heartfelt message from Mr. Girish Jethmalani, our DGM-Finance. With a remarkable 21-year career spanning various industries such as pharma, textiles, hospitality, and engineering, Mr. Girish brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

In his message, Mr. Girish reaffirms his dedication to supporting stakeholders across the organization, emphasizing our collective efforts toward achieving our Vision 500 objectives. His commitment underscores our shared mission and highlights the collaborative spirit driving our success.

In our feature segment, “ABP Speaks,” we are honoured to showcase Mr. Vijay Kumar Khanna, the Technical Director of Mach Mill Engineers and one of our longest-standing authorized business partners. Mr. Khanna shares the remarkable journey of Mach Mill Engineers, from its humble beginnings as a one-person operation to achieving remarkable growth with a turnover surge of over 100 times. He attributes this success to sheer perseverance and expresses heartfelt gratitude to the entire Bajaj Indef team for our unwavering support in crucial business decisions, valuable design inputs, and seamless service assistance, all of which have significantly contributed to his company’s growth.

Continuing our spotlight on valued customers, we present the perspective of Mr. Ritesh Patil, Deputy Manager of Procurement at FEV India Pvt Ltd. He expresses deep satisfaction with our services, emphasizing the flawless operation of our cranes. According to Mr. Patil, our cranes have played a pivotal role in enhancing their operational efficiency, operating seamlessly and contributing to their workflow without any disruptions. His positive feedback reaffirms the high quality and reliability of our products and services.

In our “HHL Updates” segment, we are thrilled to bring you the latest highlights. Firstly, we’re proud to announce the renewed ISI endorsement for our range of Chain Pulley Blocks, ensuring top-notch quality and safety standards. Additionally, we are delighted to introduce five esteemed partners who have recently become a part of the Bajaj Indef family as authorized business partners. Furthermore, we’re excited to share the success stories from two impactful service seminars held at different locations, emphasizing our commitment to superior customer service.

This edition also provides comprehensive coverage of the Indian industry landscape, highlighting key trends and recent achievements. We spotlight collaborations such as the partnership between the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Center of IIT Madras and Fifth Generation Technologies India, focusing on tailored manufacturing solutions for small and medium manufacturers (SMM). Moreover, we delve into Maritronics India’s strategic expansion into specialized equipment manufacturing for the defence sector and the groundbreaking collaboration between Foxconn Technology Group and STMicroelectronics NV, leading to the construction of a semiconductor factory in India. Noteworthy updates from prominent companies like Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited, NTPC, Hitachi Energy India, PepsiCo India, and Tata Steel Ltd are also featured, offering insights into their latest endeavours and successes.

In our HHL Reads section, we present a stimulating book summary of “The One-Hour Strategy: Building a Company of Strategic Thinkers.” This enlightening read emphasizes the significance of collective wisdom and engagement in fostering agility, a crucial asset in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. As we conclude this edition, enjoy a captivating comic strip that vividly portrays Mr. Hercules’ conversation with Mr. Ho, commemorating Gandhi Jayanti and adding a touch of charm to our publication.

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