We are delighted to present the 15th edition of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” featuring a heartfelt message from Mr. Tejas Chikshe, our Head of HR & Admin. With a wealth of knowledge spanning various industries, including Pharma, Packaging, and Engineering, Mr. Tejas brings expertise in a wide range of areas, from managing and nurturing employee and industrial relations to establishing robust digital platforms for delivering an exceptional employee experience.

In his message, Mr. Tejas Chikshe conveys a strong sense of pride in the company’s achievements and a deep commitment to its continued success and growth, with a focus on fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

In our featured segment, “ABP Speaks,” we are honoured to showcase Mr. Gopal Mishra, the Director of Sanjeevani Enterprises, one of our esteemed authorized business partners. Mr. Gopal Mishra shares the remarkable journey of Sanjeevani Enterprises as they celebrate 25 years of partnership with Bajaj Indef, highlighting trust, resilience, and a promising future.

Continuing our spotlight on valued customers, we present the perspective of Mr. Ashish Somani, Assistant Manager of Purchase at I G Petrochemical Ltd., emphasizing the valuable partnership with Bajaj Indef in the petrochemical industry. IGPL’s pursuit of excellence led them to rely on Bajaj Indef for their crucial project, particularly EOT cranes. He highlights Bajaj Indef’s deep understanding of IGPL’s unique requirements and praises the vital role played by their support services. The prompt and efficient resolution of challenges has strengthened IGPL’s trust in Bajaj Indef. This partnership remains a cornerstone of their journey towards excellence, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration in the industrial landscape.

In our “HHL Updates” segment, we are thrilled to bring you the latest highlights. Firstly, we’re happy to announce the recent inauguration of a crane load testing facility at our Chakan plant, showcasing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we hosted an insightful industrial visit for students from N. S. Patel Arts College, providing them with practical knowledge and experiences at our Khalapur and Chakan plants. Lastly, the team at Bajaj Indef celebrated Dussehra, symbolizing unity, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence in their workplace.

In recent industry news, Haldia Petrochemicals plans a ₹3,000 crore investment in West Bengal, the global steel industry welcomes new leadership, and Indian Oil Corporation and NTPC form a joint venture. Meanwhile, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited and Endurance Technologies partner for a solar plant, the Indian Biogas Association secures significant investments, and Bajaj Auto collaborates with RecycleKaro on battery recycling. Maruti Suzuki expands through an acquisition, Bridgestone India and Tata Power enhance EV charging, and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited designates Nashik as a prime aircraft manufacturing center.

In our “HHL Reads” section, we present a stimulating book summary of “Made to Stick: Why some Ideas Survive and Others Die.” This book emphasizes the importance of crafting and communicating memorable and impactful ideas. The book introduces the “SUCCESS” framework, emphasizing that ideas should be Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, and conveyed through Stories to make them stick in people’s minds. It warns against the “Curse of Knowledge,” where one assumes their audience’s level of understanding, and stresses the need for a clear, concise core message, like a military “Commander’s Intent.” The book provides practical insights and examples from various fields to help readers effectively convey their ideas and make them resonate with their audience.

As we conclude this edition, enjoy a captivating comic strip that vividly portrays how Mr. Hercules introduces Bajaj Indef’s offerings to a company with old material handling practices to simplify their work.

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