We present the 16th edition of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” featuring a heartfelt message from Mr. K A Dhanraj Fernandez, our Head of Direct and EPC Business. With an impressive 22-year tenure as a crucial part of the Bajaj Indef family, he provides insights into his journey, observing the company’s expansion and growth.

In his message, Mr. Fernandez reflects on his early days as a sales manager, emphasizing the importance of personal attention in handling service calls and financial claims. This has evolved into a seamless management system today, with a dedicated team overseeing every aspect—from order bookings facilitated by CSG to specialized teams managing crane and hoist-related queries and services.

In the “ABP Speaks” segment, we proudly showcase Mr. Shaji Augustine, the Director of Uni Lift. Mr. Augustine mentioned that Bajaj Indef products have been instrumental in driving Uni Lift’s significant turnover growth in recent years. Noteworthy their achievements include securing the second position as a regional achiever in the southern region and the fourth position nationally among all Authorized Business Partners of Bajaj Indef Pan India.

Continuing our focus on esteemed customers, we present the insights of Mr. Shashi Dhar Pandey, General Manager of Purchase and Projects at Shivalik Group. Mr. Pandey emphasized our customised hoist design helped solve the lifting requirement in their foundry setting, providing a unique perspective on our collaborative efforts.

In our “HHL Updates” segment, we are thrilled to share the latest highlights. Firstly, we proudly announce the financial achievements for the first half of the fiscal year 2023-24, showcasing the robust performance of our business operations. Additionally, we are delighted to illuminate the festive spirit of Diwali, transcending cultural observance and symbolizing triumph over darkness, embodying the pursuit of new beginnings. Furthermore, we are excited to share the successful inauguration of our “Office Library” at our Khalapur Plant.

This edition delivers comprehensive coverage of the Indian industry landscape, shedding light on key trends and recent achievements. We highlight noteworthy initiatives, such as India’s INR 80 billion incentive initiative to boost electric vehicle battery production. Additionally, Usha Martin’s recent formation of a subsidiary named Brunton Wire Ropes Industrial Company Ltd in Saudi Arabia and Intel’s collaborations with multiple companies to expedite laptop manufacturing in India are featured. Further updates from prominent companies like Tata Group, Bridgestone, Minda Corporation, Airbus, and Torrent Gas Limited are also included, providing valuable insights into their latest endeavours and successes.

In our “HHL Reads” section, we present a thought-inspiring book summary of “The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail.” The book introduces the concept of disruptive innovation and explores how well-established companies can be vulnerable to failure when confronted with disruptive technological changes. As we conclude this edition, indulge in a captivating comic strip that vividly portrays a glimpse of our Elevate Elite Club meet held in Malaysia and Singapore.

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