The latest edition of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” showcases the eleventh issue with exciting features. It begins with our distinguished Herculean Message from Mr. Amit Dhotre, our Head of Production, who emphasises the importance of productivity-enhancing strategies, implementation of quality control measures, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the operations department.

In the ABP speaks column, we had the privilege of listening to Mr. Rishabh Choraria, the Managing Director of ISS Hardware Pvt. Ltd., our esteemed authorized business partner. With a remarkable journey spanning 40 years, Mr. Rishabh highlights the enduring partnership between ISS Hardware Pvt. Ltd. and Bajaj Indef, attributing our mutual success to a variety of factors.

Continuing is the experience of our valued customer, Mr. Narayan Guchhait from IFGL. Mr. Guchhait expresses his satisfaction with our offerings and specifically mentions the pivotal role played by our top-notch product quality in his decision-making process over the past two decades.

Next, the “HHL Updates” showcase the glorious celebration of Bajaj Indef’s 61st Foundation Day with activities and events fostering camaraderie and enthusiasm among the employees. The celebration includes a Zumba session, a Housie game at our Khalapur Unit, followed by an awards night, and a mentalist show at Rhythm Resort in Lonavala.

Furthermore, the Indef Customer Connect Day was a momentous event where we, as a company, actively engaged with our valued customers to exchange ideas and reaffirm our customer-centric approach. As a part of this initiative, our senior management and workforce across all divisions visited our customers, engaging in meaningful conversations to understand their experiences and gather valuable feedback on our services and product offerings. This event allowed us to strengthen our relationships with our customers and ensure that we continue to meet their evolving needs.

This edition’s latest industry trends provide updates on the latest developments and achievements in the industry in India. It covers topics such as HFCL securing the Delhi Metro Rail contract, JSW Steel investing in Ohio manufacturing operations, L&T and DRDO signing a contract for AIP system development and further news related to GE, HAL, BPCL, BARC, etc.

Summarizing the HHL reads, we present the book summary column that provides insights into “Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World” by Mark Miller and Lucas Conley. The book introduces five guiding principles for building a legacy and provides practical insights and guidance for businesses and individuals aiming to build enduring brands.

Concluding our publication features a comic strip on how Mr. Hercules helps resume the assembly line work in the factory.

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