Join us in celebrating the 1st anniversary of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” with a plethora of exciting features. We are delighted, to begin with a heartfelt Herculean Message from Mr. Rahul Mahajan, the Head of Hoist Design & Development. Mr. Mahajan’s message brims with joy and pride as we commemorate two significant milestones – the 1st anniversary of Indef Buzz magazine and the 61st anniversary of the Bajaj Indef family. He graciously shares his 12-year journey with Bajaj Indef, highlighting his valuable contributions to the company.

The ABP speaks column graced us with the presence of Mr. Koshy Alex, the managing partner of JKL Agencies and our esteemed authorized business partner. With an incredible 40-year journey, Mr. Koshy sheds light on the impressive growth and excellence in the realm of material handling equipment and engineering equipment, serving diverse industries in Kerala state.

Moving ahead is the experience of our esteemed customer, Mr. Ashish Machhi, who serves as the Purchase Manager at WAB India. Mr. Machhi genuinely appreciates Bajaj Indef’s responsiveness and proactive approach, which have played a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted operations at their esteemed organization.

Continuing, the “HHL Updates” segment brings to the forefront the CPB SHR variant, tailored to cater to industries facing headroom space limitations. Furthermore, we proudly showcase the successful service seminars organized by Bajaj Indef, spanning various industrial domains. Lastly, we share the highlights of Bajaj Indef’s presence at the Madurai District Tiny and Small-Scale Industries Association (Maditssia) Indexpo Trade Fair 2023.

This edition’s latest industry trends provide updates on the latest developments and achievements in the Indian Industry landscape. It covers topics such as L&T’s contribution to subsystem manufacturing and moon mission tracking, Vedanta Aluminium launching electric forklifts for sustainable operations, Tata Steel and LeadIT joining hands to achieve net-zero emissions in heavy industry and further news related to P&G, Foxconn, Tesla, Tresa Motors, etc.

Summarizing the HHL reads, we present the book summary column that provides insights into “The Happiness Advantage-7 Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance” by Shawn Anchor. The book presents seven principles that contribute to the happiness advantage and reveals that happiness and positivity lead to success, not the other way around. At the end, we are delighted to present a captivating comic strip that beautifully illustrates the extraordinary journey of Mr. Hercules over the past year.

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