INDEF BUZZ – December’22

The fifth issue of our newsletter with a new brand identity, “INDEF BUZZ,” features our prominent Herculean message from our AGM – Support & Service, Mr. Bhushan Patil, who has remarked that “we are focusing on streamlining our processes as well as our offerings and capability building, as we don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to the safety and productivity of our users.

Through our ABP speaks column, our authorized business partner, Shri Arvind Mishra of BALAJI INDUSTRIALS., Kolkata, states, “the journey of collaboration between Balaji Industrials and INDEF started with Shri Arvind Mishra getting associated by the inspiration and guidance from his father Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mishra” and further added, “The commitment towards meeting client deadlines and giving maximum efforts towards client service and support, especially in emergency and breakdown scenarios has always helped the team to create a strong bond with their clients that are beyond the normal transactional relations.”

Then, followed by an experience from our beloved customer, Mr. Somvir Singh of Indo Autotech Ltd., who mentioned, “We have even tried and compared several brands, but we got the perfect and proper solution from Indef, along with being reasonably priced.”

The HHL updates column features the rebranding: Brand Indef is now Bajaj Indef!; standardization of product: INDEF P Chain Pulley Block; followed by details on the Christmas celebration at Indef.

Not only that, but we also have industry trend news about our clients Tata Power, JK Tyres, Bridgestone, and Kalpa-taru to share, as well as a few other, buzzes like India to fire up nuclear power production, green energy to fuel 24×7 power supply focus areas in 2023, and others to follow.

Yes, and the entertainment corner includes HHL reads the book summary column, which gives insight into the book “THE INFINITE GAME,” which states: “the concept of “infinite thinking” and how it can be applied to businesses and organizations. The book argues that organizations that adopt an infinite mindset – one that is focused on long-term goals, continuous improvement, and a commitment to making a positive impact – are more likely to succeed in the long run..” Finally, our comic is the most popular and fascinating column, with Mr. Ho unveils the brand’s new AVATAR!

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