Newsletter Summary:

Introducing the 17th edition of our newsletter, “INDEF BUZZ,” featuring a message from Mr. Harish N Poojary, Head of the IT Department. With an impressive 35-year tenure at Indef, he highlights the significant shift from manual record-keeping to a technologically advanced environment within Bajaj Indef.

Mr. Poojary emphasizes the pivotal moment in 2015 when the end-to-end ERP system was successfully implemented, accompanied by the launch of the Ecom portal for APBs. He further highlighted the IT department’s dedicated efforts in process redesign and optimization have resulted in streamlined workflows and improved organizational efficiency.

In our “ABP Speaks” segment, we proudly highlight the dynamic father-son duo, Mr. Mahesh Gupta (Founder) and Mr. Nitin Gupta (Current Director) of Vinay Sales Corporation. This duo serves as a living testament to the longstanding partnership between the Gupta family and Bajaj Indef.

They pinpoint the pivotal moment when Vinay Sales Corporation was appointed as the exclusive Indef Authorized Business Partner in 2001. This strategic move prompted the Gupta family to shift their focus from government contracts to actively pursuing customers in the private sector.

Continuing our spotlight on valued customers, we introduce Mr. Rohit Goplani, the Project Manager at Fab-Tech Works and Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Goplani notes that, despite the prevailing market trend favouring EOT cranes, their project necessitated a Hand Operated Travelling (HOT) Crane. He highlights Bajaj Indef as the standout choice in their quest for a reliable partner, offering quality products at a cost-effective price. Mr. Goplani expresses gratitude for the support provided by our service team, ensuring the punctual delivery and installation of the products.

In our “HHL Updates” segment, we are excited to bring you the latest highlights. Firstly, we unveil our newest addition—the WRH-N1-HL Wire Rope Hoist. With a height of lift up to 80 meters and tailored to meet the specific demands of EPC projects, this compact powerhouse is set to redefine industry standards and elevate lifting excellence to new levels. Additionally, we are delighted to showcase Bajaj Indef’s successful participation in several key exhibitions, including ExCon Bangalore 2023, ENGIMACH 2023, and Tech Vapi 2023, in collaboration with our Authorized Business Partners (ABPs). Moreover, we share the exciting highlights of the Elevate Elite Club 2023 in Malaysia and Singapore, where success and excitement took center stage, celebrating the exceptional efforts of our top-performing employees and ABPs.

Moving on to the Energy Conservation Awareness Week, held from December 14th to 20th, 2023, was marked by engaging activities and enthusiastic participation from the Bajaj Indef family. This was followed by a unique and heartwarming Christmas celebration and a service seminar at the leading Aluminium Smelter in Central India.

This edition provides a comprehensive overview of the Indian industry landscape, offering insights into key trends and recent accomplishments. We spotlight notable initiatives, such as BluPine Energy securing a Rs 511 crore green loan from Standard Chartered for a 120 MW solar project in Gujarat. Furthermore, Volkswagen India has partnered with the Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandar (KPKB) scheme initiated by the Central government, and Mitsubishi Electric has inaugurated its state-of-the-art factory automation (FA) systems manufacturing facility in the Talegaon Industrial area, Maharashtra, India. Additional updates from prominent companies like Tata Power, Ambuja Cements Limited, Maruti Suzuki India, and Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages are also featured, offering valuable insights into their latest ventures and successes.

In our “HHL Reads” section, we bring you an interesting book summary of “Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You.” This book offers valuable insights on how business owners can build a profitable and scalable enterprise. According to the author, John Warrillow, a well-designed business with a sale in mind holds significantly more value, carries less risk, and can be more personally satisfying to manage, even if the sale option is never exercised. As we wrap up this edition, enjoy an engaging comic strip where Mr. Hercules assists a manufacturer by providing an Indef hoist as it has ready access to spares and service.

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