How To Choose The Right Material Handling Equipment For Your Application?

Material handling is a crucial aspect of industries like nuclear power plants, chemical industry, paint industry, etc. as it involves frequent movement of materials between locations. Industries can utilize dedicated machines for this purpose. 

The right material handling equipment can improve efficiency, save money and boost productivity. 

But how to determine which equipment is right for your application? Here are some essential factors to consider while choosing material handling equipment. Let’s walk through these factors one by one. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Material Handling Requirements

The decision of choosing the right material handling equipment is affected by numerous factors, but a few must be considered. So here are the top seven factors one must know about:

  1. Material Properties

Equipment for material handling is generally categorized by the type of materials they are used for. So before getting started with the shopping part, look for answers to the following questions:

  • What materials will the equipment be used for?
  • What is the process of packing, processing, and storing those materials?
  • What is the degree of sensitivity of those products or materials?
  • What is the average weight that the equipment has to handle?
  • What are the dimensions and shape of the material the equipment will handle?

Having an idea of the actual requirements beforehand makes things easier during the search. It ensures that the search for the right material handling equipment is on the right path. 

  1. Facility Space Allowance

The next factor on the list is Facility Space Allowance. It’s important to be familiar with the space where the equipment is going to be used. Here are a few questions to take into consideration:

  • What’s the height of the ceiling, type of racks used, and aisle width in the warehouse?
  • What type of operation is most comfortable for the workers – automated or manual?
  • What are the important warehouse safety standards that must be maintained?
  • Is there enough space for installation, for example with pick hoists?

With these questions answered, one can get to know the ideal size of material handling equipment required for the application. 

  1. Structural Strength Of The Facility 

With your material handling needs to define, take some time to think about the structural strength of the facility. While checking the structural strength of the warehouse or facility, consider these points:

  • What is the maximum capacity of the facility’s floor?
  • Are the racks strongly attached to the floors?
  • Is the warehouse capable of handling the continuous or frequent movement of materials?
  • Are the doors and the ceiling compatible with the size of material handling equipment?
  • Is there any vacant space that can be used for the accommodation of the equipment?

The structural strength of the facility is something that cannot be ignored in order to choose the right material handling equipment for your application. 

  1. Process Format 

Suppose there’s a guy named Sam, who has a nuclear powerplant. Before making a purchase or an investment in an inventory we always understand the process. Likewise, Sam needs to understand the complete process of his powerplant industry. 

If the process involves finite and fixed points, then he might need equipment like hoists. In case, the process is dynamic – meaning the position of the stocks is frequently changed – mobile equipment like mini trucks will work well for him. 

This is just an example. Before getting started with material handling equipment purchase, it’s best to understand the process format. Having a proper understanding of the process reduces the risk of making the wrong choice.

  1. Intended Equipment Operation

Once you’re done with the process format, it’s time to understand which right material handling equipment will be the best fit for your application.

Suppose the intent is for storage. In that case, the movement of stocks is obviously not required. Thus, equipment such as automated pallets, shelves, etc, would be ideal. 

On the other hand, if the operation involves the movement of bulk materials, then having tools specialized for processing and moving material is needed. In such cases, the operation can become efficient with tools like cranes, hoists, etc. 

Help Tip: Instead of manual material handling equipment, go with an automatic one. They save a lot of time, cost, and effort compared to manual ones. 

  1. Cost Factors And Total Cost Of Ownership

For the majority of industry owners acquiring material handling equipment, the cost is a substantial factor. And why not? At the end of the day, it all comes to money and returns that equipment provides. Before starting the search for the right equipment, it’s ideal to prepare a budget. 

A budget helps to reduce the wastage of time on those machines that aren’t affordable. But there’s a twist today. While preparing a budget, considering the equipment cost alone, won’t be sufficient. In addition to machinery cost, make sure to take into account the following:

  • The initial upfront cost to set up the machinery
  • The maintenance and operational cost of the equipment
  • Cost of additional accessories to keep the machinery running
  1. Address Process And Customization Needs 

Last but not the least, you can determine which equipment is best to use for your application based on how materials are processed. In terms of the way in which the material handling equipment is manufactured, it has a huge impact on how well it can handle the movement of various weighted stocks such as hoists, cranes, etc.

Moreover, depending upon the workplace process, the material handling equipment might need customization. Make sure to choose the brand that offers a customization facility. At Indef we offer customization services. If our already manufactured cranes and hoists aren’t suitable for your application, we are open to customizing our products to meet your specifications. 


For any industry, selecting the right material handling equipment is not an option, it is crucial. 

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