The Strength of Trust


Starting with our roots. We are a part of the BAJAJ Group and the Bajaj Brand holds the hallmark of being one of the most trusted brands of India.
We built TRUST by giving the security to our customers, based on our knowledge, reliability and effectiveness. Many of our customers initially came to us because they felt our products and solutions would give them value. And we earned their trust by making them consistently satisfied with the quality of our products and solutions and that we have partnered them in their quest for productivity, reliability and profitability.

The ABCD of our TRUST is simple:
Our Ability
Beneficial solutions
Contemporary technology

Click on the links below to learn more about the Bajaj Group and Hercules Hoists for meaningful insights on how we have built trust.

Bajaj Group
Hercules Hoists

Trust is not a number. But our numbers will give you a feel on how we enjoy the trust of our customers. And what makes us the market leader for hoisting technologies in India.

Hoisting devices delivered only in the last 15 years. And counting …… And with all probability that many of you looking at this number would have contributed to it in some way.