The drive of technology

The core driver of our products is technology and all our products are cutting edge in their respective technologies.

Our in-house technology development has been augmented by our partnerships with Heinrich de Fries GmbH, Germany, Bull s.r.l., Italy, Planeta Hebetechnik GmbH, Germany; Zasche Handling GmbH, Germany and VHT, Italy.

Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has helped us launch the finely engineered Stier line of chain pulley blocks, ratchet lever hoists and pulling+lifting machines which offer ease of use and durability even with low weights.

Our HC line of electric chain hoists have been completely re-engineered and the HC+ line now has Italian motors and VFD technology for dual speed hoisting motion.

We deliver the UR line of wire rope hoists with German drive technology and VLVS Technology. Our newly launched iCranes offered with UR series hoist feature a low head room design and favorable hook path, wheel blocks which made from highly wear-resistant spheroidal-graphite cast iron with self-lubricating properties. VFD for hoisting and travel motions, intelligent technologies for storage – retrieval amongst many others.

Our floor operated stackers are significantly upgraded in terms of structural and hoisting technologies, with added intelligence quotient.

High technology manipulators offered in association with Zasche Handling feature the ability to manoeuvre components in complicated applications with ergonomic handling. We also have carbon fibre based components for ultra-light weight handling.

Be it a Standard product or a customized solution, we deliver on customer requirements.

Our CNC Turning Machines, VMC Machining Centres, Automated Butt Welding Machines, Automated Welding Centres, Specialized Girder Turning Devices, all reflect our commitment to quality and faster turnaround of deliveries.

Our products are designed using cutting-edge design tools such as 3D Designing, FEA Analysis, and 3D prototyping to ensure that we offer optimal and efficient solutions that drive value.

We focus on high efficiency. All our products and solutions are designed and built with proven components for a long service life and high degree of reliability. We design for high uptime and consistency at low operational and maintenance costs.

Ergo, the core driver of our products is technology.