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Single Girder Semi – Gantry Crane


  • Single Girder Semi-gantry cranes are a cost-effective alternative wherever the installation of bridge cranes is impractical due to a need for a raised runway structure

  • Ideal supplement to bridge cranes at workstation level

  • Exceptional load capacity and minimum deadweight

  • Precise and stable geometry

  • Controlled by pendant travelling station or optional radio controls

  • Additional anti Jump device to avoid toppling.


Engineered for application

  • Efficient solution at workstation level for indoor application

  • Wheel-rail combination is designed for long life

  • Torsionally rigid

  • Joints between the girders and end carriages are manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear

  • Wheel block made from highly wear-resistant GGG 70 spheroidal-graphite cast iron with self-lubricating properties

High efficiency

  • Optimized design results in low operation and maintenance costs and high up-time

  • Customized electric hoist configurations

  • Can be equipped with two hoist & two trolleys

Reliable performance

  • State-of-the-art design technology ensures torsional rigidity of both girders and end-carriages, favorable utilization of the available height and space

  • Efficient load handling and reduced maintenance is due to devised technology and component selection by making it user friendly

  • Smooth handling and exact positioning of loads when supplied with VFD