Safety Tips

Some key safety tips while using any hoists:

  • Do not exceed the safe working load of the hoists

  • Keep wire ropes / chains lubricated

  • Hoist from directly over the load. If not centered, the load may swing when lifted

  • A straight-line pull / lift must always be maintained. Side pulling or lifting increases wear and sets up dangerous stress levels on hoist parts and result in damage and possibly accidents

  • Make sure everyone is away from the load before starting to hoist

  • Do not use hoisting equipment for lifting people and pass the load over workers

  • Hang hoists solidly in the highest part of the hook area

  • Only one person should pull on hand, chain and lever hoists – should not be used for tandem lifting

  • When loading the lower hook, place the load directly in line with the hook shank and seat the load properly in the hook. Loaded this way, the load chain makes a straight line from hook shank to hook shank

  • Stand completely clear of the load. 

  • Move hoist controls smoothly. Avoid incessant inching, abrupt, jerky movements of the load. Remove slack from the sling and hoisting ropes before lifting the load. 

  • Remove all loose materials, parts, blocking and packing from the load before starting the lift. 

  • Do not tip a load. The load is unstable and harms the hook and hoist.

  • Do not insert the point of the hook in a link of the chain.

  • Do not hammer a sling into place. 

  • Do not leave slings dangling from the load hook. Place sling hooks on the sling ring when carrying slings to the load. 

  • Do not raise loads higher than necessary to clear objects. 

  • Do not leave suspended loads unattended.