Restart Helpline

We Hercules Hoists are with you at all times.

Now that we all are getting ready to be up and running after the lockdown, here are our tips (please scroll down to check the tips) on what you need to do before you restart the equipment. We wish to emphasize once again, that irrespective of whether your hoists are from Indef / Hercules Hoists or anyone else, please do not carry out any maintenance or replacements by unauthorized personnel. 

We have set up special “Restart Helplines” to resolve any technical issues you may face at restart. 

Below are the Helpline numbers you can contact:

Contact 1: +917796647068 

Contact 2: +917796647066 


Please note:

Above numbers are for any issues related to the restarting of the equipment post resumption of the lockdown only and not for logging any other customer requests or complaints.

Should you feel the need to contact for any other service issues please contact the Indef Authorised Business Partner (ABP) from whom you purchased the equipment.  We regret that we cannot offer any assistance if you contact the Restart Helpline numbers. 


Below are the steps that are have to be followed while restarting our equipment:

Also, Our pan-India network of Authorized Business Partners have Indef trained technicians at their Indef Clinics who are best qualified to support you. To locate the nearest Indef ABP service center,  please click this link: business-partner-locator/   

We wish you every success in your endeavours for a rapid and successful restart and also wish you much success for immediate return to normalcy with growth and prosperity to you and your team.

Please always remember to stay safe when you restart and follow hygiene and social distancing norms