Indef: Top EOT Crane Manufacturers in India

EOT Cranes offer a versatile solution to various industries’ material handling requirements. They not only make large, heavy loads easier to move, but they also make use of overhead space in the workplace, alleviating frequent space constraints encountered on the manufacturing floor. Cranes are thus a sought-after handling option.

You can rely on a lifting equipment expert to supply you with a wide choice of innovative products and solutions to assist you in achieving higher productivity. Expertise will be available to provide the best suggestions, including entire crane products.

Let’s check out the types of cranes available:

EOT cranes 

EOT cranes, or electric overhead traveling cranes, are a typical form of overhead crane. They are made up of parallel runways, like railroad tracks, with a moving bridge spanning the gap. Electricity is especially used to power EOT cranes.

  • Single girder EOT crane 

A single-girder crane is used for light duty and short-term work, with a lifting capacity of 1 to 20 tons and a maximum working time of 6 hours. This EOT crane is suitable for short-term operations and provides cost-effective and efficient handling. 

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  • Double girder EOT crane 

A double-girder EOT crane has two primary girders that run the length of the span. It consists of an electric hoist that travels on the bottom flange of the main girder without the need for a cross-travel rail. It consists of a crab mechanism that travels above both girders while running on cross-travel rails, as well as a platform that holds all parts of the crab in place. This EOT crane offers high quality, efficiency, and consistency.

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Underslung EOT crane

  • Underslung cranes are hung beneath the runway beams. As a result, they are also known as underhung cranes or underslung cranes. These cranes are often known as “transfer cranes,” since they can transfer loads from one bay to another directly from crane to crane.

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The products we provide include manual, electric chain, and wire rope hoists, as well as EOT, Jib, and underslung cranes, iStacker, Roll Out Racks, and crane kits.

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